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Oswestry to launch Oswestry Tourism Ambassador scheme

Oswestry Tourism Ambassador

Who will be an Oswestry Borderland Tourism Ambassador? 

Oswestry Borderland Tourism has been awarded funding to create Oswestry’s first Ambassador scheme. Similar to the Wales Ambassadors, this will be the first version to be launched in England and will be ready to go early in 2022.

It is a free, fun and flexible way for people to learn more about Oswestry, its culture, history and heritage. Potential ambassadors will complete online modules until they are awarded bronze, silver or gold status. They then become Oswestry Borderland Ambassadors. Anyone can join the scheme, but it will be especially useful for any businesses and their staff which welcome visitors.

Oswestry Borderland Tourism is delighted to be piloting the first of these schemes in England. Denbighshire launched the first one and now other parts of Wales are also taking part. Seeing its popularity in Wales, we were keen to get involved and create an Oswestry version. We have been fortunate to receive grant funding to create the web site from the Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG), which is Government funding from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to aid business recovery and OBT will be recruiting a new member of staff to help research and set up the web site. 
This is an opportunity for anyone to get to know more about Oswestry’s history and heritage, and we hope that businesses will encourage their staff to take part so that they can share their knowledge with visitors. It is all about creating a more enjoyable day out or holiday in Oswestry that will encourage people to come back or stay longer and that is so important as we recover from the pandemic.

The scheme will go live early in 2022 and we are looking for someone with a curiosity about our culture, history and heritage to work with us on a part time basis to create the content for the web site. If you would like to be part of this exciting new initiative for Oswestry, the job description and application form can be downloaded from the link on this page. 

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