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New! Explore Oswestry with our new maps and trails

Spring is here, the clocks have gone forward so what better time to become a local tourist? Our new maps and trails are now available to download, and you are sure to learn something new as you follow our trails through Oswestry town centre!
The town tourist information centre will re-open on 12th April and you will be able to collect a trail in person and there will soon be map dispensers around town but for now, why not follow online or download a copy?

Oswestry Shropshire market Town

Oswestry heritage trail

Begin at Castle Mound to see Oswestry spread before you and then walk on to discover more about our lovely market town. Which is the oldest part of Oswestry? Which novelist was born in the town centre? Where would the town stocks have once stood?

Take a walk around Oswestry to discover some of the fascinating history of a border market town. You will visit some of our oldest buildings, see the effects of the Industrial Revolution, and visit Oswald’s Well – part of the legend of how Oswestry got its name. 

Wilfred Owen walking tour

View Oswestry’s history and heritage through the eyes of war poet Wilfred Owen and his family. Wilfred Owen was born in Oswestry in 1893 and stayed until he was four. His family, however, had long connections with the town.

In this walking tour you will visit the buildings and shops in the town centre that have ties to the Owen family, as well as the memorials to both Owen and local soldiers which are scattered throughout the town. 

Wilfred Owen Statue
Oswestry Shropshire map
Oswestry Shropshire Town map
Town map Oswestry Shropshire
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