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Museum Attractions in Oswestry Reopening Soon

With its rich background of borderland wars, connections to industrial heritage, and nearby military training camps, Oswestry and the Borderlands has a fascinating history to explore. Here is the latest news of when you can expect to visit our local museums again – 

If you’re looking to find the story of Oswestry, here is the place! Featuring the timeline of Oswestry from its geological formation to modern day, and highlighting the stories of local people through the ages. Oswestry Town Museum will be reopening on the 2nd June – but before then you can have a look at their new website to see the exhibitions you can expect to find there. 

This one-of-a-kind museum is a delight to visit – the only museum in Europe dedicated to a living artist, here you will find a glittering hidden treasure trove of incredible sculptures, including a 4m tall ‘Cosmic Egg’! The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture will be reopening on the 22nd May, and has very recently been featured on ITV’s ‘Wonders of the Border’ – you can watch for a preview before visiting yourself!

Experience first hand what life would have been like for soldiers in a variety of different trenches – from WW1 to modern warfare. As you work your way through this unique labyrinth of trenches, you can easily see how harrowing and challenging the life of a soldier in any war is. The Trenches are open alongside other activities and exhibits at Park Hall Countryside Experience – combine a visit to them with a visit to the World War One Exhibit or The Welsh Guards Museum for a fascinating day out. 

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