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Shopping in Oswestry & the Borderlands

Being a market town, you won’t be surprised to know that Oswestry Town is a magnet for shoppers who love browsing whether it’s traditional markets or small town shops. Friendly too –that’s the difference when you visit a town like Oswestry where most of the businesses are independent.

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A day spent wandering round Oswestry and then a evening in a traditional pub or local restaurant? Why not stay longer? 

Shopping is hungry work! Better take a break and enjoy the best places to eat and drink in Oswestry.

Shop local and buy from independent shopkeepers.

The eclectic mix of shops around the town centre offers bargains to bric a brac, sausages to saddlery and everything in between. Alleyways such as Old Chapel Court will guide you into the town centre and we’re sure you will take a slow stroll through them, so you don’t miss any of the delightful shops on the way.
Being a market town has been a magnet for traders over the centuries, and, although the products may have changed and the choices become more diverse, Oswestry town centre still comes to life on market days. The Indoor market on Bailey Head is open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and Outdoor street market every Wednesday and Saturday.  The last Friday of every month showcases the Artisan Market when local produce is the high light and speciality markets pop up every few weeks through the year.

We can offer award winners too – not only our beautiful and award winning bookshop, Booka, which features what must be the best hand painted shop windows anywhere but also the multi award winning brewery, Stonehouse,  and new gin and whisky distillery, Henstone on the edge of town.
So, if the welcome, the wandering and the window shopping are as much a part of your day as the buying and the bags that you take home then you’ll enjoy shopping in and around Oswestry.
It isn’t just about Oswestry town though; throughout The Borderlands there are opportunities not only to indulge in retail therapy but also to celebrate local tastes as you visit our local producers.  Can we recommend a little country style shopping too? There are farm shops and nurseries, garden centres and speciality shops all around the town.

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